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Re: [Linux-cluster] dont relocate service after node begin fenced


Thanks for your help, It solved the problem.

Do you know where can I download all cluster suite updates from RHEL 5.1 since my virtual machines are not registered at rhn??? There are several bugzila issues that hit my configuration, are there any on-line repository for updates?


On 19/02/2008, at 05:09, Darek Skorupa wrote:

Conga display Unknown node state for that node poweroff, but still displaying that service is active/running in this node (powered off node)???
How the node can know that the server is powered off if you .....

Feb 18 15:17:05 node2 fence_manual: Node node1.cluster needs to be reset before recovery can procede. Waiting for node1.cluster to rejoin the cluster or for manual acknowledgement that it has been reset (i.e. fence_ack_manual -n node1.cluster)
.... don't use fence_ack_manual like is said in the log message ?


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