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[Linux-cluster] Heartbeat tolerance on busy networks (RHCS3)

Hi there, 

I'm looking to increase the tolerance level for heartbeats in a RHEL 4 U4
cluster. The network gets unavoidably busy at a single point each day. 
Short of seperating heartbeats onto a seperate network, is there any way 
I can increase the tolerance to prevent fencing due to missed hearbeats
during this busy period?

I've tried increasing deadnode_timeout, using the following in cluster.conf:
<cman deadnode_timeout="21">

(as per instructions in the FAQ for including it in the cman section, and 
for using cman_tool to update versions & transferring it between nodes)
... but unfortunately this has given me configuration errors when I try
to restart the cluster services so I'm forced to take the option out. 

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong, or alternative recommendations?



Karl Podesta
Systems Engineer, Securelinx Ltd., Ireland 

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