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[Linux-cluster] Using qdisk and a watchdog timer to eliminate power fencing single point of failure?

I've got a deployment scenario for a two node cluster (where services are configured as active and standby) where the customer is concerned that the external power fencing device I am using (WTI) becomes a single point of failure. If the WTI for the active node dies, taking down the active node, the standby cannot bring up services because it cannot successfully fence the failed node. This leaves the cluster down.

In the setup, storage fencing is not feasible as a backup for power fencing.

I think I've worked out a scenario using qdiskd and the internal hardware watchdog timers in our nodes to use as a backup for power fencing that I hope will eliminate the single point of failure.

Here's how I see it working:

1.  Configure a quorum disk for the two nodes.

2. Create a heuristic (besides the usual network reachability test) for qdisk that resets the node's hardware watchdog timer. (I'll have to do some additional work to ensure that the watchdog gets turned off if I am gracefully shutting down the node's qdisk daemon.)

3. Create a custom fencing script that is run if power fencing fails that examines qdisk's state to see if the node that needs to be fenced is no longer updating the quorum disk. (I'm not sure how to do this--I hope that the information in stored in qdisk's status_file will be sufficient to determine this, if not, I might have to modify qdisk to supply what I need.) This script will wait until it sees that the failed node has not updated the quorum disk for longer than the watchdog timer setting plus a safety margin, and then return success. If it sees the other node is still updating the quorum disk, it will return failure.

The standby node then should be sure that the active node has rebooted itself either by qdiskd's action or via the watchdog timer, or else it is power dead.

Can anyone see a weakness in this approach I haven't thought of?

Jon Biggar
Floorboard Software
jon floorboard com
jon biggar org

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