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Re: [Linux-cluster] Quorum in xen guests cluster

Hi Agnieszka,

Please attach cluster.conf from domU. It should be a matter of properly defined voting (expected_votes)

Tomek Sucharzewski

Agnieszka Kukałowicz wrote:

I have a question about quorum in xen guests cluster. I have two node cluster running virtual services - "cluster1".
"Cluster1" has two nodes - "d1" and "d2". On each node I've configured
three xen guests as virtual services ("vm1", "vm2", "vm3" on d1 and
"vm4","vm5", "vm6" on "d2" ). All of the guests are part of the other cluster - "cluster2". My problem
is when one of the physical machines is down (for example "d2") and the
"cluster2" says that it is not quorate because there are only 3 of 6 xen
guest running. But for me it is ok, because I have still "vm1", "vm2",
"vm3" virtual services running on "d1" node and I'd like the cluster2
has quorum even if only 3 of 6 guests are available.

Agnieszka Kukałowicz

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