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Re: [Linux-cluster] General LDAP clustering question

--- Peter <p elmers gmx de> wrote:

> Hi!
> Has anybody experiences in clustering LDAP Server? I
> am thinking about  
> having a GFS location where one LDAP Database is
> located and two LDAP  
> Server nodes are accessing.
> Is it possible to have both of them up and running
> (active/activ) or  
> is this configuration not recommended?
why you need shared storage for a cluster of ldap
servers if the ldap servers can be configurated to
syncronize by itsefts
I think that (master-master or master-slave relation
between servers) is a better algoritm than any shared
FS approach.
you only need to install a Load balance frontend to
the ldap servers :-) so the connections can be
distributed to all ldap servers and any downtime of
any server can be hidden from the clients
LVS from RHCS can help you with that in the case you
do not have  the specific hardware to do that.


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