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Re: [Linux-cluster] General LDAP clustering question

Hi Peter,

Has anybody experiences in clustering LDAP Server? I am thinking about having a GFS location where one LDAP Database is located and two LDAP Server nodes are accessing.

I'd recommend you look at replication rather than trying to do this through Red Hat Cluster Suite.

Is it possible to have both of them up and running (active/activ) or is this configuration not recommended?

I don't have any information about OpenLDAP, but I do know that Red Hat Directory Server and Fedora Directory Server both support up to four-way multi-master replication. Red Hat has a very nice class on RHDS/FDS, and you can find FDS at:


Maybe it is only possible to have one up and running and start the other service as soon as fencing occours?

You might be able to have RHCS restart the LDAP service on each node, but they should have replicated, rather than shared, databases.



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