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Re: [Linux-cluster] General LDAP clustering question

Roger Peña <orkcu yahoo com> 2008-02-26 09:44:
> --- Peter <p elmers gmx de> wrote:
> > First of all thanks for the fast reply.
> > 
> > Is LVS possible without additional HW, so it can
> > balance between the  
> > local service and the service on another node?
> > 
> using the LVS terminologie.
> the LVS can be on the same server where real service
> is running but, I would prefer to installed on a
> diferent server just because to avoid any IP problem.
> that "new" server can be a VM though :-)
> if fact, it can be 2 VM, one for the active LVS and
> the other one for the backup LVS, ofcourse those VM
> should be on different hard :-) to avoid lose both VM
> if tha hard fail :-)

You could also use something like heartbeat or rgmanager to pass service
IPs around and then rely upon DNS RR for the load balancing portion.
That won't require any extra hardware or a very complex setup.


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