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Re: [Linux-cluster] is clvm a must all the time in a cluster ?

From the description, I am skeptical that clvm is your problem... (Also, are you using a proper fencing mechanism?)

We would probably need more information from the logs to determine what is going on.


On Feb 25, 2008, at 3:06 PM, Roger Peña wrote:


I am running RHEL4 with csgfs from centos, all
packages updates in both sets (RHEL and CS-GFS)
but since the last updates my cluster become more
unstable, sometimes after a failed shutdown of a
service (it failed because was unable to umount the
GFS) and the other two times just dont know exactly
why (I wasn't ther when it happen, just went to
all of this in lest than two weeks
and every time, the cman infrastructure just hand or
the first to times, I realice that one of the nodes
(and just one) was hanging the cman so the entire
cluster where in stand-by, until I fence (reboot) the
from cman_tool services in that node, I guess clvm was
the guilty just because it were running (run state):-)
it shouldn't be in that state ;-) . it is just a
guess, ok? I am not an expert in CS.
also, a lot, and I mean a lot, of time my services
can't start is because the clustered LV are not
Activated even when clvm is running and cman_tool
services say it is running.
just a clvmd restar fix that.

so, my question is, can I run the cluster with GFS
without clvmd working?
I don't have plans to work with lvm (extending for
example) the sistem is working and should be in the
same state (from the filesystem point of view) for a
long time.
so, can I "declusterice" the LV where GFS live?

and if I can, what are the steps to do it?

1- vgchange -cn "VG Name"
2- cmand stop
3- lvmconf --disable-cluster

I guess I don't need to unmount the LV to do that, do
nore the data in those FS should be lost because of
that operation (tha change), right?

thanks in advance for the help


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Cisco Certified ( CCNA & CCDA )

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