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RE: [Linux-cluster] is clvm a must all the time in a cluster ?

--- Roger Peña <orkcu yahoo com> wrote:

> --- Steffen Plotner <swplotner amherst edu> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > You asked below: can I run the cluster with GFS
> > without clvmd? The answer is yes. I believe in
> > having the least number of components running, and
> > found that clvmd had start up problems (and then
> > refuses to stop) after doing an update of RHEL4
> > during December.  
> > 
> I apply those updates this month so I guess I am
> seeing the same as you 
> > It is clearly possible to use GFS directly on a
> > based LUN. 
> I know that but, as you already said, the problem is
> "having a uniq name for the filesystem to all the
> nodes"
> >The trick of course is how to deal with
> > the /dev/sdb reference which will probably not be
> > the same on all hosts. To fix that use udev rules
> > that provide a symlink (using the serial number of
> > the LUN, for example) by which the GFS file system
> > can be referred to in /etc/fstab.
> I am sure udev rules works but definitly seting that
> enviroment is more complex that use a LV :-)
> so, what happen is I use the shared LV just as a
> local
> LV?
> each node will treated the same way as it treat the
> LV
> from the local disks. I guess that will not be a
> problem as far as I do not work with the VG
> metadata,
> am I right?
> > We have converted 2 clusters in the past few
> months
> > because we have had real problems with clvmd
> > misbehaving itself during startup. At this point
> it
> > is a pleasure to let the cluster boot by itself
> and
> > not to have to worry about GFS file systems not
> > being mounted (ccsd, cman, fenced, iscsi, gfs).
> not activating LV even when clvmd is running? it
> happen to me several times in the last month
> ;-) 
> that is why I want to get rid of lvm :-)
I mean clvm

sorry, I want to use lvm, but I dont want to use clvm
all the time, just when, very rarely, need to create
or resize shared lv


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