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Re: [Linux-cluster] probe a special port and fence according to the result

Peter <p elmers gmx de> 2008-02-29 15:05:
> Hi!
> I am planning to test a service for availability and if the service is not 
> available anymore, fence the node and start the service on another node. 
> Therefore, i need a clue how to probe a port with system tools.
> Sure, with telnet there is a possibility to check. But i have no idea to 
> avoid the interactivity. So it is too difficult for me to implement and 
> usually not allowed in this environment.
> On Solaris, there is the "ping -p" command to test the availability of a 
> application waiting on a port. But for Redhat, i have no clue.
> Could you please help?

nmap -p will test that the port is responding, but not that the
application on the other end is actually doing what it's supposed to be.


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