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Re: [Linux-cluster] gfs_tool: Cannot allocate memory

Excellent, thanks Bob!  It is a RHEL AS 4.5 cluster running on AMD64 Opteron.
I have opened up bugzilla #435469

On Thu, 2008-02-28 at 21:03 -0600, Bob Peterson wrote:
On Thu, 2008-02-28 at 10:28 -0500, rhurst bidmc harvard edu wrote:
> ioctl(3, 0x472d, 0x7fbfffe300)          = -1 ENOMEM (Cannot allocate 

Hi Robert,

The gfs_tool does most of its work using ioctl calls to the gfs kernel
module.  Often, it tries to allocate and pass in a huge buffer to make
sure it doesn't ask for more than the kernel needs to respond with.

In some cases, it doesn't need to allocate such a big buffer.
I fixed "gfs_tool counters" for a similar ENOMEM problem with
bugzilla record 229461 about a year ago.  (I don't know if that bug
record is public or locked so you may not be able to access it, which
is out of my control--sorry).

I should probably go through all the other gfs_tool functions, including
the two you mentioned, and figure out their minimum memory requirements
and change the code so it doesn't ask for so much memory.

Perhaps you can open up a bugzilla record so I can schedule this work?
Also, you didn't say whether you're on RHEL4/Centos4/similar, or


Bob Peterson
Red Hat GFS

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