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Re: [Linux-cluster] Lars' method???

Hey Lon,

thanks for taking the time to respond. The funny thing about the
piranha-gui, is that I did point the gateway IP, and I can see in the
config (lvs.cf) that the nat gateway is pointing to eth1:1, BUT, no
eth1:1 exists at boot up, or anything: like how the VIP is..

I had to manually copy the ifcfg-eth1 to ifcfg-eth1:1 and start it that way....

and what tools do I use to troubleshoot?

my end goal, is to create a lvs-tun... can this be done, with lvs-nat (2 nics)??
I suspect so....

On Jan 3, 2008 12:40 PM, Lon Hohberger <lhh redhat com> wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-01-03 at 10:54 -0500, William Ottley wrote:
> > thanks Lon for the pointers. I've tried so many different methods just
> > to get this to work: lvs-dr, lvs-nat with 2 nics, no go.. I can't seem
> > to get anything to work.
> >
> > so i'm doing serious google searches, and there's sooo many how-tos
> > that tell you to do this, or do that, etc. and i'm like well which
> > one? I'm on one now, that says for nat, create a copy of the eth1
> > (private IP nic) eth1:1 and assign, and use that as the
> > default gateway for all the RIP... is this true?
> >
> > Thing is, i have to manually copy the eth1 file to eth1:1 and assign
> > the IP, yet with the virtual IP, eth0:1 is created automatically... so
> > this makes me believe something is wrong.
> You could just change the 'nat router device' to eth1:1 in the
> piranha-gui.
> > I use pulse / piranha: what tools can I use to test and see if web
> > traffic IS going to the RIP or not???
> The web browser should work...
> With NAT, the real servers need no special configuration apart from the
> gateway being a NAT-side IP on the LVS director.  That's why it should
> be easy to set up.
> -- Lon
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