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RE: [Linux-cluster] fence_apc - Perl based CLI version


I currently use a different method of fencing in our clusters (using
iscsi ietd and iptables currently), however we have the APC7900 PDUs and
do control them using SNMP:

Use SNMP set commands to turn off and on the ports:

snmpset -c <password> <host>
PowerNet-MIB::rPDUOutletControlOutletCommand.<port> i 2

The 'i' refers to an integer and the digit 2 means to power off the

That has worked very reliably.


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> Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2008 4:32 PM
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> Subject: [Linux-cluster] fence_apc - Perl based CLI version
> As others have reported, the current fence_apc shipping with
> RHEL5.1/CentOS5.1 simply does not work reliably on newer APC 
> firmwares. It breaks under all kinds of conditions (some as 
> simple as 'works on some ports but not on other ports').
> Since I *really* need it to work, I hacked together a Perl 
> version (derived from the old fence_apc.pl in CVS) that uses 
> the APC command line interface and dispenses with the 'menu 
> scraping' interface entirely.
> I don't have any switches here that use a switchnum interface 
> so I couldn't hack anything together for that. But it appears 
> to reliably do what it is supposed to do (at least on my 
> APC7900 switches running AOS
> 3.3.4): Fence.
> It would make a great deal of sense for someone to add it to 
> the Luci/CMAN list of supported fences. Maybe "APC Power 
> Device (CLI) / fence_apc_cli"?
> --
> Benjamin Franz
> "It is moronic to predict without first establishing an error rate
>   for a prediction and keeping track of one's past record of 
> accuracy."
>                      -- Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Fooled By Randomness

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