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Re: [Linux-cluster] Locking and performance questions regarding GFS1/2

More generally, is there the list of hard points in GFS1 that you've
been trying to solve with GFS2, somewhere accessible on the web ? Also,
what is actually the maximum size that GFS2 is known to be working on ?
(both in terms of nodes and real size)

Really only whats in our bugzilla. Just search for all the bugs with
GFS2 somewhere in the title. I don't know what the max size of any
current GFS2 system is I'm afraid,

Not sure if the information here is accurate, but:
"Depends on kernel version and arch. For 2.4 kernels the max is 2 TiB. For 32-bit 2.6 kernels it is 16 TiB. For 64-bit 2.6 kernels it is 8 EiB."

I am not sure if "64-bit" includes x86-64, because that isn't really 64-bit despite what it's name might imply.


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