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Re: [Linux-cluster] Fence don't work with HP iLo2 (fw.1.42

Ryan O'Hara wrote:
> Actually, I'm not sure that IPMI will work with your hardware. Some of
> the HP machines come with "ILO MP", which does support IPMI. In that
> case, you would want to use IPMI to do fencing. I'm not familiar with
> your hardware, but I am guessing that you don't have ILO MP, and thus
> IPMI is not going to work.
iLO MP is only present on HP Itanium machines (Integrity product line).
The referenced proliant server uses HP iLO2, and according to the docs,
it works with IPMI

You need to install the following package:


Best regards,
Robinson Maureira Castillo
Jefe de Soporte

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