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Re: [Linux-cluster] Locking and performance questions regarding GFS1/2

Hi Steven,

Thank you for your answer,

Le Mon, 14 Jan 2008 14:18:54 +0000,
Steven Whitehouse <swhiteho redhat com> a écrit :

> Basically yes. It reads all the RGs, although in the allocation case
> it doesn't need to read all the RGs to work out where to put newly
> allocated blocks, it only needs to read some of them. That also needs
> to be fixed at some stage in the future.

If i trust the code (and i _do_ trust the code :-) )

cluster-1.03, rgrp.c , L1193,
static int
get_local_rgrp(struct gfs_inode *ip)
	for (;;) {
		error = gfs_glock_nq_init(rgd->rd_gl,
					  LM_ST_EXCLUSIVE, flags,
		switch (error) {
		case 0:
			if (try_rgrp_fit(rgd, al))
				goto out;

When the FS is freshly formated, we should return quite instantly from
this function; however, that's not the behaviour i observed. What am i
getting wrong ?

> RGs are limited to 2^32 blocks, including the RG header. Generally you
> want to use a number or RGs >> number of nodes. Provided this is true
> then you can make the RGs as large as you like (up to the 2^32 block
> limit) without compromising performance.

Then i guess the attached patch could help having RG sized more than
The patch is not complete: the 2^32 block limit is not expressed
correctly, although it proved to work on a cluster of 6  64bits nodes,
with RG sizes of 4G and 8G and 16G on a 1T FS. In those cases, i got 256
and 128 and 64  RGs. Are those numbers respecting the constraint :
"RGs >> number of nodes,"
as you expressed it ?
(I guess it depends on the usage of the FS : lots
of cross-accesses from one node to other nodes' file , or at the other
side all nodes working mostly on their own files/directories ?)

> Steve.


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Index: cluster/gfs/gfs_mkfs/main.c
--- cluster/gfs/gfs_mkfs/main.c	()
+++ cluster/gfs/gfs_mkfs/main.c	(copie de travail)
@@ -333,12 +333,12 @@
   if (comline.expert)
-    if (1 > comline.rgsize || comline.rgsize > 2048)
+    if (1 > comline.rgsize)
       die("bad resource group size\n");
-    if (32 > comline.rgsize || comline.rgsize > 2048)
+    if (32 > comline.rgsize)
       die("bad resource group size\n");
Index: cluster/gfs/gfs_mkfs/mkfs_gfs.h
--- cluster/gfs/gfs_mkfs/mkfs_gfs.h	()
+++ cluster/gfs/gfs_mkfs/mkfs_gfs.h	(copie de travail)
@@ -101,7 +101,7 @@
   uint32 seg_size;          /*  The journal segment size  */
   uint32 journals;          /*  Number of journals  */
   uint32 jsize;             /*  Size of journals  */
-  uint32 rgsize;            /*  The Resource Group size  */
+  uint64 rgsize;            /*  The Resource Group size  */
   int debug;                /*  Print out debugging information?  */
   int quiet;                /*  No messages  */

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