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RE: [Linux-cluster] shared ext3

i use it on a two node cluster, it works fine the service manager handles the umount of the filesystem before mounting it to the other node


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On Thu, 2008-01-17 at 23:05 -0600, Brad Filipek wrote:
> I know ext3 is not "cluster aware", but what if I had a SAN with an
> ext3 partition on it and one node connected to it. If I was to unmount
> the partition, physically disconnect the server from the SAN, connect
> another server to the SAN, and then mount to the ext3 partition, would
> there be any issues? I am not looking to access the partition
> simultaneously, just one at a time. I am asking incase the server
> connected to the SAN dies and I need to access the data on this ext3
> volume from another server. Will it work? 

Yes, this will work. As long as you're sure you're not going to get any
simultaneous access it will be fine.

Theoretically, the only time you can do reliable concurrent access to
ext3 is when *all* servers are mounting the partition in read-only mode.

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