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[Linux-cluster] Primary attribute collision

I am testing a cluster that would have the following setup:

Server1 - production postgres server
Server2 - production postgres server
Server3 - production postgres server
Server4 - hot standby for any of the 3 production postgres servers

So there would be 3 failover domains and Server4 would be in all of them. 
Then there would be 3 services, one in each failover domain.  This may not
be a recommended setup but I think the odds of 2 production servers
failing at the same time are low enough to make this worth looking at.  If
they do, the first service to fail over would succeed and the other would
fail.  I would have issues one way or another if more than one server
failed at a time.

In setting this up I get a pricmary attribute collision since the shared
file system mount point is the same for more than one file system resource
(even though they are private resources).  Obviously logic is built in to
see that Server4 would have a problem mounting to the same mount point
more than once.

Has anyone tried this or have a suggestion for a workaround?  I thought
about unique mount points and then adding a script to each service that
would set up a sym link, but there might be a more elegant way.


Brad Crotchett
brad bradandkim net

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