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Re: [Linux-cluster] Configuring multicast on RHEL4

Excerpts from Yan Vinogradov's message of Fri Jan 18 18:55:18 +0000 2008:
> Hi all!
> My understanding is RHEL4 clusters default to broadcast upon creation. 
> If later on the user chooses to switch to multicast - how does the 
> clustering software know what interface name is to be used for each node 
> of the cluster? 'system-config-cluster' utility seems to just be using a 
> hardcoded value of "eth0" regardless of the actual name of the interface.
> Thank you,
> Yan

Have a look at the following tip:

  How can I configure my RHEL4 cluster to use multicast rather than

  Put something like this in your cluster.conf file:

  <clusternode name="nd1">
	<multicast addr="" interface="eth0"/>


Eric Williams
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