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[Linux-cluster] importing/unimporting GNBD devices on CentOS5.1

I've looked all over the the Redhat docs and in the various packages, and I can't find a single example of GNBD devices being _automatically_ imported/unimported (ala gnbd-client) on the Redhat Cluster system (as opposed to toy examples using gnbd_import directly without an init.d script).

Additionally, after poking at manually mounting and unmounting GFS + LVM on GNBD + multipath for a while, I discovered that the clvmd init.d script fails to deactivate active LVs on a clustered VG before trying to deactivate the clustered VG (which, understandably, makes the LVM system unhappy, which in turn makes "gnbd_import -R" very unhappy when it comes time to unimport the GNBD devices.

Am I missing something? Is there something buried deep in the clustering system that is activates GNBD devices and deactivates LVs at the appropriate times?

Benjamin Franz

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