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[Linux-cluster] GFS without cluster?

Is there anything out there that would allow me to share my GFS storage with 
other systems which aren't in the cluster? 

Or, is there any way of setting up a cluster so that none of the nodes would 
ever take the cluster down? Perhaps having a very low vote such as 2 voting 
nodes to make a cluster yet have 30 machines in it?

The reason I am asking this is because I badly need to have shared storage 
like GFS but having to maintain a cluster is making the whole idea go south. I 
need to be able to add/remove servers without having to worry about keeping 
the cluster intact all the time. 

Keeping it intact for highly reliable services such as web servers and so on 
is easy enough by creating small clusters. My problem is that I am needing 
more and more, GFS like sharing but network wide to any machine. I know I can 
get at the data from behind a server but I'd prefer to have it in front such 
as FC gives me.

I'll be happy to try to explain this better if someone has any questions. I'm 
just not sure how to explain this :).


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