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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS without cluster?

On Sun, 2008-01-20 at 14:41 -0600, isplist logicore net wrote:
> Is there anything out there that would allow me to share my GFS storage with 
> other systems which aren't in the cluster? 

export the gfs volume with nfs from the cluster.

> Or, is there any way of setting up a cluster so that none of the nodes would 
> ever take the cluster down? Perhaps having a very low vote such as 2 voting 
> nodes to make a cluster yet have 30 machines in it?

quorum disk.

> The reason I am asking this is because I badly need to have shared storage 
> like GFS but having to maintain a cluster is making the whole idea go south. I 
> need to be able to add/remove servers without having to worry about keeping 
> the cluster intact all the time. 

that type of dynamic access requires another mode, like nfs or cifs.

> Keeping it intact for highly reliable services such as web servers and so on 
> is easy enough by creating small clusters. My problem is that I am needing 
> more and more, GFS like sharing but network wide to any machine. I know I can 
> get at the data from behind a server but I'd prefer to have it in front such 
> as FC gives me.

nice dream... ;)

> I'll be happy to try to explain this better if someone has any questions. I'm 
> just not sure how to explain this :).
> Mike
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