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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS without cluster?

>> Is there anything out there that would allow me to share my GFS storage
>> with other systems which aren't in the cluster?
> export the gfs volume with nfs from the cluster.

I'll have to look into this. I'm guessing you don't mean to copy the gfs 
volume to an nfs accessible one but to allow access to it over the cluster as 
any other shared service? I'll look into it.

>> nodes to make a cluster yet have 30 machines in it?
> quorum disk.

Ah, have never used it since I didn't use it. Thanks, I'll look into this too.

> that type of dynamic access requires another mode, like nfs or cifs.

Ya, there's my problem :).
>> more and more, GFS like sharing but network wide to any machine. I know I
>> can get at the data from behind a server but I'd prefer to have it in front
>> such as FC gives me.
> nice dream... ;)

That's how new applications start, with a need and a dream :). Ok, so there is 
no way to do what I need then. 

Thanks very much for your input.


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