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RE: [Linux-cluster] Tiebreaker IP Address

On Wed, 2008-01-23 at 07:48 +0400, Harun wrote:
> Dear Barry,
> As you said, Fencing is a nice way of saying "make sure the non-responsive
> node can not write anything to our disks, by whatever means necessary".
> This usually involves the equivalent of pulling the power plug out of the 
> non-responsive node.  Why be so harsh?  Why not do a normal shutdown?

If I may jump in here for a sec, 'The most important thing is your
data(tm)'. Why even risk that? Also, if the node is acting flaky, do you
want to park the cluster while it 'attempts' to shutdown cleanly? Users
are stalled while this is happening - better to kill it and move on. The
less disruption, the better - that's the whole point after all, isn't
it? Shoot first, ask questions later.

> So does that means that even in any case of cluster failure (suppose a
> network fail), the node will shutdown abnormally only, or it will be a clean
> shutdown. And once a node is shutdown due to a failure, will the node
> automatically come up or does it need to be manually brought up.

It can do either - you decide.

> Regards,
> Harun

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