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Re: [Linux-cluster] Open Source VM Solutions?

"Citrix also reiterated its commitment to maintaining and growing
support for the independent Xen open source community which develops the
underlying virtualization engine used by many commercial products
throughout the industry, including those from XenSource."

So anyone using it or thinking about it would still consider it viable as an
open source project then?

The problem is that nobody can look in the future.  Policies may change,
companies may be bought or go bankrupt, spin-offs may be created, etc.
The past has proven that's it's difficult to predict the future ;-).

I know some Xen users were already pretty unhappy with the "it's fixed
in the commercial version" answer that XenSource people tended to give
in response to some bug reports.  And they was before they were bought
by Citrix.

Sure, but too much of that and they'll end up with a competing fully OSS fork. Having said that, if the source is GPL-ed, I'm not sure they are legally allowed to not publish the commercial patches.


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