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Re: [Linux-cluster] any timeline for supporting software RAID?

On Tue, 2008-01-22 at 16:18 -0500, Jeff Wasilko wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 22, 2008 at 03:59:47PM -0500, Christopher Hawkins wrote:
> > If you don't need GFS... Then drbd + heartbeat is a good way to go if you
> > want to mirror the local storage on each machine.
> True, except Zimbra has explicit support for RHCS, and we'd be off
> rolling our own solution with drbd + heartbeat....

As I recall, you can use LVM mirroring.  In recent versions of RHCS (4.6
maybe?), there's an agent to handle assembly/disassembly of LVM
(non-clustered) volume groups before/after failover.

If only one node is accessing the data at a time, maybe this would work
for you. (Assumes, of course, you have a SAN)

With software RAID (or plain LVM), the general rule is:

Do not use a md set or LVM volume group on shared storage *unless* only
one node ever assembles that volume-group / raid-set at a time.

-- Lon

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