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Re: [Linux-cluster] SSI, Virtual Servers, ShareRoot, Etc

On another train of thought, I was wondering about the following. Would there
be any benefit in creating an SSI cluster made up of x number of servers.
Then, slicing that up into VM's as required. The SSI would always be intact as
it is, the servers could come and go as needed, the storage would be separate
from the entire mix. If one node needed more processing power than the rest,
it would take it from the SSI cluster. Otherwise, idle machines are wasting
their resources.

Again, this is just a theory based on my tiny understanding of SSI clusters
and VM to begin with but it's kind of an outline of what I'd like to achieve.
The reason of course is that then I would have a very scalable environment
where very little goes to waste, resources can be used where needed, not

This is pretty independent of clustering/SSI. Yes, you can do this, but clustering isn't a critical requirement.

When adding/removing nodes from the cluster, make sure quorum is maintained, though.


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