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Re: [Linux-cluster] SSI, Virtual Servers, ShareRoot, Etc

Hi there,

> maybe before going right into SSI which seems to be quite an effort to
> get running, you might want to think about "cloning" system images by
> using any kind of volume manager and copy on write volumes. lvm2 for
> instance does support this.

That would help in as far as getting machines installed quickly which is 
sometimes a problem of it's own. I think I saw something called SystemImager 
on SourceForge a year or two back which offers what you are talking about.

However, what I am really after is a way to use my resources more effectively.

Like most networks, I have a lot of machines sitting around wasting their 
resources when they are sitting idle.These machines all have drives spinning 
24/7 wether they are being used or not. 
Machines with large drives sitting there empty since we didn't fill them up as 
anticipated, the list just goes on and on. 

Fibre channel and centralized storage is a great solution for this but the 
very first thing I'd like to do is get to the point where I could remove all 
those spinning drives and use that centralized storage I have. 

> you basically create one master image, do all the basic configuration,
> such as routes, connection to your ldap server, whatever, and then just

Do you have any software suggestions for this?


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