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Re: [Linux-cluster] SSI, Virtual Servers, ShareRoot, Etc

"isplist logicore net" <isplist logicore net> writes:

> What I was hoping to do with the partitions was to give each blade
> it's own boot and scratch space, then allow each blade to have/use
> shared storage for the rest. I was hoping to boot the machines from
> FC or perhaps PXE.

I'm doing something like that on a BladeCenter.  The (diskless) blades
boot using PXE/DHCP/TFTP from a central server.  They can see over FC
two storage partitions.  On the first, there is an LVM2 VG with a
single LV for the root filesystem of each blade.  On the other there's
GFS which they all mount after booting up.

This setup is simple, but lacks the shared root of OpenSharedroot.  I
decided to go with the simpler design with more wasted space, because
the root volumes aren't particularly big, only a few GBs each.
Another refinement could be creating LVM snapshots of a common "image"
root LV for each booting server, which would again cut down on disk
space for the price of added complexity.

In another case, building several bigger but volatile clusters, I went
for a shared read-only NFS root with some symlinks into tmpfs's for
the files that had to be writeable.  There was no SAN in that picture
at all, a read-write NFS share was enough, since locking wasn't an

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