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Re: [Linux-cluster] architecture discussion -- NFS clustering with iSCSI

On Fri, 25 Jan 2008, James McOrmond wrote:

gordan bobich net wrote:

By and large, none. GFS is fairly unique in the way it does things. The rest of the world hasn't really caught up yet. ;-)

what exactly does it do that's unique?

I appear to stand corrected as per the other post, with SGI and IBM offerings that do similar things, but providing shared r/w access to a common physical volume isn't exactly common.

I'm not sure why OCFS keeps coming up, since it's not a normal, general purpose file system. It's only useful for putting Oracle DB volumes on it.

ocfs2 is a general file system and has been available for quite some time (and is very easy to setup).

Fair enough. The documentation I had read on it seemed to imply otherwise, which is why I went with GFS. I cannot say that I am in any way regretting that choice. :-)


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