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Re: [Linux-cluster] Does samba work with cluster suite?

On Thu, 2008-01-24 at 23:01 -0600, Brad Filipek wrote:
> I am suprised to find little documentation on setting up a samba share
> on my RHEL cluster. I have two RHEL5 boxes running cluster suite. I
> want to share out a few directories via samba to the Windows
> workstations on my network. However, in the Cluster Configuration
> screen, it only shows "Name" and "Workgroup" in the Samba Service
> conifg screen. How do I setup my samba shares properly to work with
> cluster suite? 

If your service also has file systems + IP addresses as part of the it,
a template configuration will be generated the first time the service is

After you start the service for the first time, you can edit the
generated configuration file; it's stored in:


Editing the file will disable future auto generation - meaning if you
add more file systems to the service, it won't pick them up

-- Lon

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