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Re: [Linux-cluster] Any HA Cluster Success with iSCSI storage?

On Jan 25, 2008 6:51 AM, Ben Russo <ben muppethouse com> wrote:
I currently have a RHEL-3 HA Cluster in a different City using fiber
channel SCSI storage.  It has worked fine.

I want to setup another cluster, this time with RHEL-4.

I already have a NetApp FAS270c (for NFS and CIFS NAS).
It supports iSCSI.

***  Can I setup my two node HA cluster with iSCSI quorum drives and
cluster service storage volumes? (anyone do this before?)
I am going to play devils advocate here: is there a specific reason you want to use GFS in this setup? NetApp has excellent NFS and CIFS support and it looks like you already paid for both and HA option for NetApp (270c is a clustered filer).

***  I was thinking about getting 10Gbit/sec uplinks for the NetApp and
two ethernet switches that have 10Gbit uplink ports and that support
802.3ad.  The two cluster nodes would use 802.3ad NIC channel bonding
for the storage access bandwidth.  (anyone do this before?)
Do not get 10gbE. First, I don't think you can get 10gbE interfaces in FAS270.
Second, FAS270 won't be able to saturate even 1gb link. The bottleneck is usually the filer CPU.
It does support link aggregation but you won't see much of the difference vs active/passive bonding.

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