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Re: [Linux-cluster] iSCSI GFS

>> How would this machine be turned into an aggregator? Would it handle
>> knowing where everything is or would servers still need to know which share 
>> to connect to in order to get the needed data?
> actually, you need to know all that and then set it up :)

Once I understand the concept, the rest is just hands on. I clearly see how I 
can aggregate it all into a single RAID array and in fact, have various arrays 
for different needs as well. I could have a few aggregator machines if needed.
It makes sense to me.
> Depends. For instance, there are many people that use NFS as a backend
> for a cluster of mailservers or even webservers.

I've read so much about NFS not being a good choice for production services 
yet I know it can be very reliable as I use it around the network a lot. Since 
I already have fibre though, that is the way better solution for my cluster at 
> You won't even necessarily need software RAID for that. Think LVM!
> you basically initialize all your storage as Physical Volumes and then
> slice some VolumeGroups from those depending on your needs.
> You can still use software RAID though.

Yes, exactly. This is what I was thinking when I replied to Gordan since all 
of my storage devices are RAID devices. Creating a large volume would work 
just fine. 

However, just how many drives/arrays can you put into a single volume?
And, can you add/remove from a live volume?

>> have IBM's which have 8-way CPU's and can have up to 64GB of
>> memory.
> wow, christ. I don't think you need that much woom for I/O :)

Don't know yet, that's why I asked :). I've got various types of hardware I 
can use. Off the top, without having played with this yet, I don't know how 
much I/O there might be. Could a single aggregator handle 50 servers looking 
to it for their data? I don't know, sure doesn't sound like it could to me.

On the other hand, I've not looked around yet to see if there is in fact 
hardware being manufactured specifically to be used in this manner. Or, I can 
build something custom based on the requirements.

Right now, aside from building that machine, I need to better understand if I 
need a single volume which can grow or a virtual RAID array. Seems a volume 
would do the job since the machines are already RAID.

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