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RE: [Linux-cluster] Can't create new GFS storage

Thanks for the input Doug.

> 0. Made sure cman, clvmd, gfs, and rgmanager services were running

Cman, ccsd and clvmd are running. I don't see gfs and rgmanager in the process 
list but their status indicates that they are running. Strangely, I was sure I 
used to see gfs in the task list with a ps? I do see clurgmgrd which is 
spawned by gfs right?

> 1. # lvmdiskscan - make sure SAN LUN appears.  In my case it was sdb

Yes, I see the storage I want. This is as far as I can get. 

> 2. # pvcreate /dev/sdb

Locks up the command, just sits there until I kill it. I was able to create a 
partition from webmin but things still locked up which I posted.

> 3. # vgcreate oravg /dev/sdb
> 4. # lvcreate -L 16G -n oralv oravg  => creates /dev/oravg/oralv as a 16GB
> 5. # gfs_mkfs -p lock_dlm -t tora-cluster:orat -j 4 /dev/oravg/oralv  => 
> makes a gfs1 filesystem
> 6. # mkdir /orat
> 7. # mount /dev/oravg/oralv /orat

Mount using -t gfs of course :).

Can't get to any of this until I resolve the other but that's how I've always 
created my GFS partitions in the past. That's why I'm stumped right now, not 
seeing where the problem is and it might be obvious. Perhaps the fact that I 
don't see gfs running is a hint? :).

PS: I don't seem to have a problem getting my cluster back up, just the 
creating gfs volumes.


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