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RE: [Linux-cluster] Can't create new GFS storage

You might check that /etc/lvm/lvm.conf has locking_type = 3 as described in FAQ #22 here.  It defaults to local locking.

Also, I've found that cluster suite components use a variety of IP ports for communication, and if you've selected a standard firewall configuration you may be blocking them.  For testing, I'd try shutting down the CS services (service cman stop, etc), then run "iptables -F" on all nodes to flush the rulesets, then restart the CS services on all nodes.  You can discover what ports are being used by cluster suite by doing a netstat -na before and after this process and compare the ports that are in use, then put together a custom /etc/sysconfig/iptables file if you want.

Also, assuming you're using a Redhat-based distro (Fedora, CentOS, RH), you can check the status of the CS services with the following rather than using "ps":
# service cman status
# service clvmd status

One other tool to check your cluster's status is cman_tool.  Do a man on it if you haven't used it.


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> 2. # pvcreate /dev/sdb

This is happening from any node now. If I try to pvcreate, it just sits there.
I am seeing in the messages log;

Jan 28 15:42:52 img62 rgmanager: clurgmgrd startup failed

Anyone have any thoughts on what might be causing this? I don't seem to have 
much for errors and google doesn't seem to help much.


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