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Re: [Linux-cluster] manual fencing -- issues

Terry wrote:

I know that manual fencing is not supported.  However, I don't have
anything else with the hardware I am testing at this time.  When (if)
we go live with this, I'll be using Dell DRACs to handle the fencing.
At any rate, I am trying manual fencing to test proof of concept.  I
am using RHEL5.1 with Conga to configure it.  My config is at the
bottom of this email.   Shouldn't there be a nodename paramater in
this block:
                                <method name="1">
                                        <device name="fence00"

??  If so, why isn't Conga configuring this correctly?  If not, why am
I getting this error during a crash of the node with the service on

Sounds like you hit:


The bugzilla is in the status ON_QA while the fixes are verified. In the
meantime you should be able to work around this by manually editing the
generated cluster.conf.

Along that note, what do I need to do when updating the cluster.conf
manually?  Any commands to let the cluster know what I did.

ccs_tool update /etc/cluster/cluster.conf

Unfortunately, I am learning through the GUI, haha.  I may as well go
get my MCSE now.

Expect no sympathy here. Next you'll say you're using Ubuntu.


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