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Re: [Linux-cluster] Gfs

Make sure you have the GFS-kernel-<variant> package installed, where variant is smp, hugemem, etc.  up2date pulls the latest packages available, so if you are using a kernel older than the most recent one then it installed the gfs module for a newer kernel than you are running.  You'll need to boot into the latest kernel or manually install the gfs packages corresponding to your version. 


Harding, David wrote:
I am in the process of setting up a two node Linux cluster with a fiber channel storage.  II created my
Volume groups and logical volumes and did gfs_mkfs. No issues show up.
When I attempt to mount the file system with the command mount -t gfs /dev/volcluster_vg01/lvol0   /mnt
I get the message mount: fs type gfs not supported by kernel.
I install the gfs software using the up2date facility.  I would have thought that the necessary kernel
rpms would have installed at that time.  Both systems have the same issue.  If I do a up2date
for GFS it says that all updates are installed.   What am I missing.

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