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Re: [Linux-cluster] Can't create new GFS storage

2008/1/29 Doug Sharp <dsharp ivytech edu>:
You might check that /etc/lvm/lvm.conf has locking_type = 3 as described in FAQ #22 here.  It defaults to local locking.

Also, I've found that cluster suite components use a variety of IP ports for communication, and if you've selected a standard firewall configuration you may be blocking them.  For testing, I'd try shutting down the CS services (service cman stop, etc), then run "iptables -F" on all nodes to flush the rulesets, then restart the CS services on all nodes.  You can discover what ports are being used by cluster suite by doing a netstat -na before and after this process and compare the ports that are in use, then put together a custom /etc/sysconfig/iptables file if you want.

Also, assuming you're using a Redhat-based distro (Fedora, CentOS, RH), you can check the status of the CS services with the following rather than using "ps":
# service cman status
# service clvmd status

Chek if multicast is on in the ethernet switch on which the cluster heartbeat is conencted

also try clustat command
how  about disabling selinux?
(ducking under the table) have you tried system-config-lvm gui tool
there is also a setting in lvm.conf which allows/disallows certain devices that can/cannot appear as storage checkout the settings




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