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Re: UNCLASSIFIED - RE: [Linux-cluster] iSCSI GFS

On Thu, 31 Jan 2008, HAWKER, Dan 2 (external) wrote:

Is there a way of RE-exporting an NFS share through the
aggregator or am I
overlooking something?

You can't NFS a NFS share (if I understand what you are saying). Don't
know the intricacies of why (I'd presume it is to do with keeping track
of locks down/across the hierarchy of multiple NFS servers), but it
doesn't work (in my experience anyway).

I must admit I never tried it, but I'm sure I read some documentation that says it can be done. You have to mount first, then export the FS. Similar applies to exporting mount points for other FS-es (e.g. CDs).

As for locking, that doesn't work on NFS anyway.

You'll need to export the share (actually the data in the share) you are
presently NFSing to the aggregator using something else (iSCSI for
instance) and then NFS that from the aggregator.

I think he's trying to do it the other way around. Put a volume file on an NFS share, then export that volume file via iSCSI.


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