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Re: [Linux-cluster] Can't create new GFS storage

> Unless you've solved your DLM port problem, clvmd will not work. If
> that's still causing trouble then you need to focus on that and fix it
> before worrying about other things. NOt having a DLM will prevent a few
> things from working.

I solved this problem. It was because I took down the cluster to move some 
drives around. 

However, after that, I started another thread called DLM Problem because there 
are terrible delays using the GFS storage which is related to a lock problem.

Lock cannot happen because the service is being prevented from starting yet I 
cannot figure out why. I posted some logs in the other thread.

> I think what you need to do there is to remove all the software you have
> (make sure it also deletes the init scripts), and reinstall it complete
> with a brand new cluster.conf file.

Remove all of gfs, including scripts, then re-install it all? What could have 
gone so wrong from a perfectly working machine to this just from changing out 
drives? This has been very confusing to say the least.


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