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Re: [Linux-cluster] DLM Problem

On Thu, 31 Jan 2008, isplist logicore net wrote:

i mean, we had this clvmd issue quite a few times on the mailing list,
and as far as i can remember there wasn't really a fix to this. (i
solved it by rebooting the whole cluster back then... that was certainly

Something went out of sync and it doesn't seem to make sense that it's gotten
so complicated. I've not changed anything since everything was working just

When I built my first GFS cluster, there was a delay when first accessing the
storage which eventually went away. When I fired up the (sama, unchanged)
cluster after changing out some drives this time around, all hell broke loose.

If I did something wrong, I'd love to learn from the mistake but since I'm now
knee deep in confusion, I can't seem to find the answer.

I'll try a full shutdown again and see if things get any better.

You could just try it without LVM alltogether. LVM is entirely optional in this.


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