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Re: [Linux-cluster] two fencing devices per node

On Thu, 2008-01-31 at 00:02 -0600, Brad Filipek wrote:
> I have a two node cluster and each node has two power supplies. Each
> power supply is going to be plugged into a different APC switch. I
> currently only have one power supply plugged in to one APC switch (for
> testing purposes) and fencing works fine. Now I want to plug the
> second power supply in. Do I need to add another fence level, or do I
> just add a second fence device to the first fence level? 

 * Create a 2nd device
 * Add it to the same level.  If you're using Conga, it should "do the
right thing" - that is:
   <method name="1">
     <device name="apc1" port="x" option="off"/>
     <device name="apc2" port="x" option="off"/>
     <device name="apc1" port="x" option="on"/>
     <device name="apc2" port="x" option="on"/>



-- Lon


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