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Re: [Linux-cluster] two fencing devices per node

Brad Filipek wrote:

I have a two node cluster and each node has two power supplies. Each power supply is going to be plugged into a different APC switch. I currently only have one power supply plugged in to one APC switch (for testing purposes) and fencing works fine. Now I want to plug the second power supply in. Do I need to add another fence level, or do I just add a second fence device to the first fence level?


Brad Filipek

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Add a second device to the same level, and use the 'option="Off"' and 'option="On"' attributes to make certain both power supplies are completely shut off before turning either one on again. Without setting the option attribute, the default is Reboot. It would look like this:

   <method name="1">
       <device name="my_apc" port="1" option="Off"/>
       <device name="my_apc" port="2" option="Off"/>
       <device name="my_apc" port="1" option="On"/>
       <device name="my_apc" port="2" option="On"/>

If you are using one of the GUI tools, it should be smart enough to detect that you are using two power switch type devices in the same level and add the option attributes for you. ..all you need to do is specify the device names and the ports.


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