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Re: [Linux-cluster] DLM Problem

Patrick Caulfeld wrote:
> isplist logicore net wrote:
>>> You could just try it without LVM alltogether. LVM is entirely optional in
>>> this.
>> I didn't know that to be honest. I think you had mentioned it in another post. 
>> Since day one my understanding was that GFS had to be set up using LVM. 
>> What are the steps to creating a GFS volume without LVM?
>> PS: I cleanly rebooted everything again. The logs still show the following;
>> //
>> Jan 31 09:44:45 compdev kernel: dlm: could not bind to local address for 
>> connect: -98
>> \\

We need to break this down to understand it.

Can you boot a single node, without any cluster software running, then
do the 'netstat -tap'. Then start the cluster software and do it again.

If you get the error then, say so.

Then boot another node, using the same procedure.

Post the results here along with the cluster.conf ... also make sure you
have the same version of EVERYTHING on both nodes ... that's software
AND cluster.conf


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