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Re: [Linux-cluster] DLM Problem

> Yes, all the documentation seems to be hammering LVM down user's throat
> for some unfathomable reason. You can just mkfs.gfs -myoptions
> /dev/mygfsblockdevice

Whew, so it's not just me :). 

> was somewhere in cluster.conf disagreements between nodes, and package
> versions not being up to date. Also make sure you start various things
> using the scripts under /etc/init.d, rather than starting things up
> manually.

I'll triple check that at this point.
> What distro are you using?

> Just blow away the LVM (uninstall the clvm package, just to make sure),

So, both lvm2 and lvm2-cluster, just to be sure? There are endless 
dependencies for these. Remove without deps then? And, on all nodes?

> dd if=/dev/zero > /dev/mygfsblockdevice bs=1024 count=1024

On the /dev/sda in my case then.

> Start up cman, gfs, ccsd services, and it should work, if your
> cluster.conf is working.

Yup, the cluster is in fact up and running, just the storage problems.

> Also remember that you need nodes to be quorate

No problem.


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