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Re: [Linux-cluster] DLM Problem

> CLVM is not the problem, it's the DLM. clvmd relies on the DLM to do
> locking, that's all. As GFS also needs the DLM, trying to get it running
> without clvmd will not help unfortunately.

I've not removed anything yet, reading this reply thread.
> going to work until it is. There's something VERY odd about those
> addresses in netstat that reeks of a configuration error somewhere - one
> I've never seen before I must admit!

Strange part is that everything was running fine until I replaced the drives.
Of course, the volume information/group changed also and since I didn't delete 
it properly before changing it, I now have all this old information stuck on 
the systems. My guess is that I need to clean that out first but where is it?

I'd like to learn if I made some errors or I'd like to understand what the 
problem is if I didn't so that we can note it. 


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