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Re: [Linux-cluster] takeover, fencing & failback

Gerhard Spiegl wrote:
Hi all,

I'm working on a two node cluster (RHEL 5.2 + RHCS) with one
XEN virtual machine per node:

node1 => VM1
node2 => VM2

When node1 takes over VM2 via the command:

clusvcadm -M vm:VM2 -m node1

node2 gets fenced after takeover is done, which is probably expected behaviour.

This is not expected. The vm should migrate and both nodes should continue running.

As node2 comes up again it fetches his VM2 back (nofailback="0", but also
fences node1 (ipmilan) where VM1 is still running an therefore interrupted and restartet on node2.
When node1 comes up the same game in the other direction begins.
Is there a way to avoid this fence loop?

In other words: can a service be migrated from node1 to node2 without other
services that run on node1 being interrupted?

Are both nodes successfully joined in the cluster? What does 'cman_tool nodes' say? Can you attach logs showing all of this happening?


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