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R: [Linux-cluster] Homebrew NAS Cluster

I am running a home-brew NAS Cluster for a medium sized ISP. It is run with a pair of Dell PowerEdge 2900 with 1 Terabyte of filesystem exported via NFS to 4 nodes running apache, exim and imap/pop3 services. Filesystem is made on top of drbd in a active/backup setup with heartbeat. Performance are good, but can be better with more memory on nfs node and faster disks.

I don't know VMware very well, but I run other virtualization solutions, like QEMU. Do you plan to mount the NFS from inside the virtual machine or create a virtual disk on an exported NFS filesystem?


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Hi all,

I'm in the process of setting up a virtualisation farm which will have
50-60 virtual machines, running a wide range of web, application and
database applications, all on top of vmware vi3.

My budget won't stretch to a commercial NAS solution, so it's either a
SAN, which could get complicated and hard to manage with so many
nodes, or a home-brew NAS solution.

Has anyone done this, on the list?  I'm wondering what the catch is?
I'm thinking all I need to do is run NFS on top of a clustered
filesystem, and export to ESX.

I could use some pointers, gotchas, ideas and experiences.



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