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[Linux-cluster] Crashing machines with luci and ricci

Hi folks,

I have tried setting up a cluster with ricci and luci. I have done the following:
- set up 2 cluster nodes
- current patch level applied (5.2)
- installed ricci on the nodes and luci on a management station
- used luci web interface to setup the cluster

After initial setup luci stated that one node could not be reached or had ricci not running. Both nodes were set up identical and could be reached fine. ricci was running on both machines.

So I used the "restart the cluster" button - and that crashed both nodes within 10 minutes. One machine was unreachable nearly at once, the other had 100 % CPU load for several minutes before going down.

Now so far there is not much I could have done wrong (at least not according to documentation). So I would like to know: Is this normal? Is using ricci and luci a bad idea because they simply do not work?

Or the other way round: Are folks out there using these tools with positive results - and are there nuts and bolts I could have avoided?

Any hint or help is appreciated.


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