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Re: [Linux-cluster] qdiskd question

Hi All Administrator and Users,
Myself Mohammed Munazir working as a Linux Administrator in Saudi Arabia. I am Redhat Certified Engineer.
My company is planning to go for RedHat Cluster for Webhosting Servers. We have LAMP Server Configure.
As I am a fresher i never done RedHat Clustering. If anyone can help me regarding this.
I need good document for Clustering and Storage Management. Good links.
If you all experts help me i will be very thankful to you.
Waiting for early and favorable reply from all of you.
Thanking You
Mohammed Munazir

On 7/7/08, Lon Hohberger <lhh redhat com> wrote:
On Sun, 2008-07-06 at 14:00 -0400, Mag Gam wrote:
> I have a 8 node cluster with shared Hitachi SAN disk. On each disk I
> created a 20M partition for qdisk , but only on 1 disk I created a
> qdisk.
> mkqdisk -c /dev/sda -l css
> Is it a good idea to create it on all disks? (/dev/sdb, sdc, sdd,
> etc..) or would I be find with only one disk?
> Also, I suppose I need to make changes to cluster.conf after I do this, correct?

It currently doesn't support >1 disk.

-- Lon

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